Our goal at BEYOND THE VINE is to deliver a premium wine and food experience. We curate the best of Prince Edward County’s wineries and pair them with talented local chefs, so you can sit back, relax, and immerse yourself. Your BEYOND THE VINE experience includes:

Guided tour of a selection of the best wineries in Prince Edward County

Personalized vineyard and cellar tours by the winemaker/vintner

Wine and food pairings featuring local and seasonal ingredients at each location - 3 wineries and 1 hobby farm

Sweets, tea, coffee and shopping at a charming hobby farm/boutique.

Our tour experience is designed for you to get to know each vineyard. We slow it down, so you can experience each location with all of your senses and hear each vineyard’s story.

The County is unique. There is a respect, a love, and an appreciation that you feel when you come here. We hope you join us and see for yourself.


Your Hosts

Kelly Schnurr

Kelly Schnurr

Kelly has called this region home for almost 5 years and has enjoyed supporting local businesses and watching the area grow and develop into a booming Southern Ontario wine region. Drawn to the area for it's entrepreneurial food & beverage culture, wide open spaces, endless sky and acreage, she moved from Toronto where she continues to work as a Freelance Event Producer. Her love for wine began abroad, on trips to France, Italy and Spain, where she began to really understand and appreciate the difference between grape varieties, vintages and location.  Having spent some time as Event Manager in PEC, she was further inspired to dive deeper into the delightful world of wine, thus began her thirst to know more about the Ontario wine region, and the wine industry in general. Kelly has since completed 2 of 4 WSET courses, and is well on her way to becoming a certified wine enthusiast. Combining her passion for wine, food and events as well as all things “County” seemed like a natural next step, and so began BEYOND THE VINE.

Ruth "Charlie" van der Wey

Ruth "Charlie" van der Wey

Charlie first learned to appreciate the magic of winemaking at a young age from her Italian Grandfather "Nello" and his 4 brothers.  They owned and operated an Italian grocery store in the "hard knocks" east end of Fort William.  In the 30's, they became the number one purveyor of grapes to all of northern Ontario and also continued tradition from the old country of making wine as their father had when they were kids.  Her most vivid memory is how the process of making wine brought the family and the community together to celebrate and enjoy the fruits of their labour.  She recalls seasonal contests being held on who, out of the brothers, produced the best wine.

Charlie has travelled and enjoyed tasting wine in France, South Africa, California and more recently here in Prince Edward County. Charlie brings her many years of building and developing businesses to BEYOND THE VINE, and her engaging Northern disposition to our tours and events.  Prince Edward County is near and dear to her heart and, having lived in Kingston for 7 years she recalls great times spent in the county visiting sandbanks and eating local fare, and is very excited to be back helping create great memories for others.